Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Employed Women Are Destroying America

So I was thinking, about when women didn't work.

Maybe we should bring that back? If we stopped single women from getting WIC or Food stamps etc they would have to find a man to buy them things. Like food, and medicine, and shoes, and all of those stupid women's magazines that they don't really need, etc. If women depended on men again there would not be this epidemic of singleness anymore... its a thing, look it up. No, just take my word for it. I'm a man.

So men would get married, they'd have jobs, better jobs, since companies wouldn't have to give the good jobs to women just to keep the lawyers at bay. They would get more done at their jobs since there are no T&A there to distract them. The world would just RUN more wonderfully. Plus there would be less traffic because the women are at home doing what they do best. Making sandwiches, cleaning house, and planning to pleasure their hard working men. Plus with women off the roads traffic would be just amazing, because they are the worst drivers! Just the absolute WORST!

Friday, January 17, 2014

My Photos from Brother Bruce’s Memorial Day BBQ

Bruce BBQ
MAY 29, 2012I haven’t been on Christwire for very long and I haven’t written that many articles so I was honored when Bruce Danus asked me to his annual Memorial Day Cook out. I was even more honored when Susan asked if I wanted to accompany her on her First class flight. Being a Minister at a growing Atlanta church, I am not as well to do as most Christwire authors.

Although I was truly in awe I managed to snap a few pictures from the party. Thank goodness for that digital camera that my wife bought me at christmas and my son showing me how to use it. Even more interesting was the after party at one of Bruces night clubs. I am not used to such ostentatious displays but all had fun, although I will pray for the souls of the girls that work at his club.

(MADONNA) 53 yr Old Woman Exposes Her Sin Sacks To Turkish Audience

madonna turkeyJUNE 11, 2012Madonna the 53-year-old pop star whorelot was performing her rancid song “Human Nature” in Istanbul, Turkey, Saturday when she started taking off her clothes.

The aging porn fiend first took off her shirt, and then surprised the Islamic crowds when she then showed her black bra, showing the crowd a peak of her lapsing once fertile sins sacks. She then shocked the crowd further by pealing it back revealing her erect nipple to the audience. She then turned around to show the crowd that she had “No Fear” written on her back like a 12 year old emosexual. 

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Youtube Brony Lovers Dramatic Reading of My Article

When I originally posted my article The My Little Pony Abomination: What Is a Bronie and Why They Make God Cry on christwire, it brought me many new fans. One of these was MicTheMicrophoneZero a brony on Youtube. He loves My Little Pony and all of his videos are about that horrible sin. 

Anyway we seemed to get to him as he did a "Dramatic Reading" of two articles. The second one being mine, which starts at 1:46. Give it a view and let me know what you think.

The My Little Pony Abomination: What Is a Bronie and Why They Make God Cry

Much has been written about My Little Pony and the evils that it has unleashed on Man kind. Most notably it turns men into pink wearing butt slapping sodomites. But who would want to turn normal, average, every day men into anus craving abominations?
It isn’t enough for those sexual deviant abominations to run around wagging their filthy sin sticks like dogs in heat, they have to have us accept who they are and what they do. They want us to accept them as normal and to give them the same rights as you and me. I tell you if they can’t get it then they are willing to do what it takes to turn the rest of us into ungodly freaks just like them!
That’s right. Now the Gay Agenda is taking it a step further. They have to turn normal God fearing men into butt clenching, hip thrusting sodomites. And WE Men are just the first step. They wont stop until all Men, Women, children, and even animals want to butt bang fornicate. Trust me America, they will probably even try to figure out how to make plants gay. Are you sick yet? I know I am.
But what is SO disgusting, sickening and so insidious is that this time they are using a cartoon to do it. Cartoons are supposed to be the domain of wholesome godly entertainment for children. A safe respite from the storm of sin outside the walls of the christian home. But they are using this against us. Cartoons are supposed to teach Boys to be Men and girls to be women.

New Facebook Trend:Visually Bragging About Poverty

When I was a kid people didn’t brag about how poor they were, mostly because it was something to be ashamed of. Do you think that Pollock family down by the train tracks that wore burlap sack shirts to school came bragging about how poor they were? Do you think their father went to the town park and held up signs fussing about how the rich people in town were to blame for him and his family living in poverty? No.

UK Man Disciplines Emo Gamer Teen

After Susan B. Xenu’s insightful emosexual related articles we had a plague of rude emosexuals that flooded our holy site and posted all sorts of rude comments. I am sure we all came close to losing control with them once or twice, so it is easy to see why one would decide to personally teach them a lesson about proper behavior. That is just what one man in England recently did.